Education Secretary (Karnataka) Visits Don Bosco, Gulbarga

p>G. Kumar Naik IAS (Secretary to Government, Education Department – Primary & Secondary Education, Karnataka) visited Don Bosco PYaR, Gulbarga on 27 August 2012. “You are doing a noble endeavour and we will support you all the way”, said Mr. Kumar Naik as he interacted with the staff and students of Don Bosco PYaR. He exhorted the students to make best use of the facilities provided at the centre and become achievers.

The Secretary endorsed the officials of the Education Department accompanying him, to render financial support and meet the necessary infrastructural requirements to extend the services for school dropouts in the vulnerable areas ofGulbarga. Mr. D Rudrappa (Director, Public Instruction, Gulbarga), S.G. Vally (Education Commissioner, Gulbarga), T. Jayaram (Deputy Director, Public Instruction, Gulbarga), Sharana Basappa Mudhole (Deputy Project Coordinator, Sarva Shikhana Abhiyan, Gulbarga) and key officials from the Education Department were present.

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