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A faint-hearted walked away from everything which took away his joy

Published on Friday, September 12, 2014

17-year-old, Ravi (name changed) is from Kalasipalya, Bangalore. Abandoned by father when he was just 2 months old, his mother took care of him with meagre income working as a housemaid. He dropped out of school when he was in 2nd standard. His mother was forced to get remarried due to which he left his home and started to do odd jobs. Ravi subsequently got addicted to all the awful habits of street life, including that of substances. He was maltreated by the older street boys and once, he was slashed with a razor leaving a mark on his face.

BOSCO’s outreach officer invited him to the child friendly environment and recreational facilities of the open shelters. He started to attend and participate in yoga classes, meditations, counselling and group sessions on substance abuse. It made a positive impact on him, driving him to quit all the bad habits. He then decided to work and earn a living. He was referred to BOSCO skill training centre where his interest and talents on mechanical session was noted, promoting him for two wheeler repairing course. Ravi says, “Thanks to BOSCO for all the support rendered and opportunities given to me. I will be completing my course soon, after which I will support my grandmother by working in a workshop. I will also contribute to the welfare of the children like me who are living an insecure life on the streets”. Today, Ravi is contended with his life and BOSCO has succeeded in giving him back to the society as a contributing individual.