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“Education Support for Differently Abled makes a Different Success”- the story of Jessy Joseph

Published on Friday, September 12, 2014

Jessy (name changed), youngest daughter of Joseph and Mary from Keezhpally, Kannur, Kerala is a physically challenged child who is 60% intellectually challenged. She was dumb and bedridden till the age of 5. Joseph worked as a daily wage worker and Mary as a home nurse. In 1991 her father Joseph died leaving Mary and Jessy by themselves. Mary worked as a home nurse and in 2013 she too met with an accident leaving her 40% physically challenged. In 2004, Jessy was selected for the education sponsorship programme of BREADS and she started attending special school. Her performance has been outstanding in the field of arts and sports while she will now appear for her 10th standard exam. She has secured several prizes at the school, district and state level. She also plays euphonium in the school band group. She also engages in craft works during her leisure time. She says, “The sponsorship made me what I am today and I will strive to come up successfully in life to help children like me”.