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  • Internship


    MSW student from Don Bosco, Angadikadavu, Kannur (Feb 2013)

    From a mere bookish idea of how community development works, on field observation of these circumstances helped us recognize the stark reality, specially in the cases of child labour, school drop outs and street children. We not only learnt the knack of writing project proposals, we have also gained the confidence to do it with excellence.

  • Volunteer

    Matthew Pirrall, USA.

    My experience volunteering with BREADS changed my life and I believe that my time there has completely changed my outlook on charity and education. Working as a volunteer photographer and videographer I was able to travel to the different centers and meet so many of the people supported by BREADS and it really showed me that education is the single most important factor for getting a child or young person out of the cycle of poverty. BREADS enables its volunteers to be a part of the change being made in these kid’s lives and really works with you to use your strengths to make a real difference.

  • Internship

    Manasa Koralla

    MBA student intern from NMIMS, Mumbai (Feb 2014)

    It was a wonderful experience working with you and the rest of the team. We were able to understand how an NGO works from the operations and projects point of view. The initiatives taken up by BREADS and the number of lives it has touched is very impressive, and I appreciate that I got the chance to work with you all.

  • Volunteer

    Mary Pat Collins, USA

    During my year volunteering at BREADS project at Deodurga, I have fallen deeply in love with the people. I witnessed the prayer of Hindus, Muslims and Christians in Deodurga, where all its inhabitants coexist peacefully, treating each other with mutual respect. It was apparent to me that though so many were suffering with poor health, meager living conditions but BREADS is doing its best to help these people. I hope and pray that more volunteers can share in this experience and find the true meaning of the joy of service.

  • Internship

    Ankur Harish Shah

    student intern from NMIMS, Mumbai (Feb 2014)

    I got the opportunity to work as an intern for BREADS during my MBA program. This was one of the most enriching experiences for me. I got an understanding of the root causes of various issues plagiarizing our society and how different groups can work together towards overcoming these issues. It was a delightful to see an NGO being managed with such professional finesse, passion and modern outlook.

  • Internship


    MBA student intern from NMIMS, Mumbai (Feb 2013)

    Our experience with BREADS was one of immense learning and understanding about the functioning of an NGO. Initially we were pleasantly surprised by the efficient corporate structure at BREADS - well defined divisions within the organisation for projects, fund raising, placements, accounting and program coordination. After a few days into our internship, we were completely immersed and excited about creating a better online presence for the ambitious CREAM project.

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