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From irresponsible life to addiction to life

Published on Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunil Kumar from Bangalore belongs to a family of six members. He was rejected by his family due to his drug addiction. He spent his tender age leading a street life engaged with bad companies consuming drugs and alcohol for more than 4 years. One of his friends named Dilip brought him to the Hospitality skill training programme at BREADS which turned his life around. Through the life skill trainings and frequent counselling he was transformed. He successfully completed the three months course at BREADS and 8 weeks of On the Job Training at Hilton International Group of Hotels, Bangalore. He is one of the successful candidates and his skills and strength was highly appreciated by the Hilton hotels, who appointed him as a permanent employee, as a front office executive at Hilton Residencies. He is leading a happy life with his family with pride and dignity. He wishes to continue his studies through distance learning to further excel in life. He is a now a role model and motivation for other youths and acts as a Peer Educator for many of the vulnerable youths.