In the year 2002, the Salesian presence in Gulbarga was begun. The serious problem of child labour was identified to be addressed first. So the first and foremost intervention of the Salesians in Gulbarga was decided to be the eradication of child labour here. From rented places since June 2002, we have now a home for the children and the staff that was inaugurated in November 2004.


1. Bridge Course

The problem of child labour is of acute nature in Gulbarga District. Don Bosco Gulbarga centre started a child labour bridge course centre at Yadgir and another two centres at Gulbarga town. Now there are 95 children undergoing bridge course in the above two centres. Another 50 children are being educated in the child labour special school at Yadgir. So far 259 street children and child labourers have been given bridge education and placed back to school. Of these 160 are girls and 99 boys. Of the 259 children readmitted to school, 214 are attending school from their own homes and 45 are staying in government run hostels and attending nearby schools.

2.  Evening Classes

Don Bosco Gulbarga started evening classes for the school children and the child labourers. Evening classes are being conducted in two localities of the Gulbarga town and in 13 village centres. There are about 750 children who benefit through this programme.   

3. Collaboration with UNICEF

Don Bosco Gulbarga is also collaborating with UNICEF for the eradication of child labour in Gulbarga District. We have participated in conducting rallies for building awareness for the eradication child labour.

4. Rehabilitation of street and working children

Contact with the street children has encouraged us to initiate a new venture with a close follow up of 450 street children and 750 non school going children (child labourers) at two panchayats (local administrative region) of Gulbarga Taluk. We hope to rehabilitate these children through our follow up.


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