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Housing for the Marginalized families

Published on Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Housing is an essential building block for the poor people as it provides them with not only a base from which to buildtheir lives but a means to free them from house rent and as such devote their earnings to their economic well-being. To realise a safe and beautiful home for the poor families living in the coastal villages of Kollam district, Kerala state, BREADS initiated a Housing Project for the poor people.
The first phase of the project was completed with the support from Kerala Aid Trust, Malta and the Government of Malta.
The project has selected 4 most deserving families for this housing programme. All the beneficiaries of the project are people living below the poverty line and had no stable house. All the families lived in thatched huts or temporary sheds before realizing this project.
Stable and beautiful houses were built for all the four families. The new houses were self-contained houses with sanitation facilities and access to safe drinking water. The size of each houseis around 410 sq-feet (38.15M3).
The project has also mobilized social capital (like voluntary works, free materials, etc) from the community and relatives of the families to realise these houses. The participation of women right from the beginning of the construction was ensured to mainstream the women perception in the entire construction process. The project has helped to:
• Build four houses for the most vulnerable families in coastal villages of Kollam district, Kerala

• People’s participation and local resource mobilization were promoted extensively in the project which ensured the mobilization of social capital and other resource base for completing the housing project.

• Created awareness and empowered the most vulnerable sections in the target area on various developmental themes and relevant developmental skills.