The Snehabhavan is a joint project of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Corporation of Kochi. The project which began in 1974 has at present grown into 5 different centers in the city.  The Valsalya Bhavan which began in 1997 reaches out to the girls in the streets of Kochi.


Activities at the different centres


1. Sneha Bhavan

The children from the streets between 6 and 12 years are rehabilitated at Sneha Bhavan.   They are mostly from broken families or children born to the beggars without a home.  All the children who can study are sent to near by school.  The others who cannot go to school either because of over age or other reasons are helped to learn some trades. At present the centre has 70 boys.

2.  Sneha Bhavan Annexe

Sneha Bhavan Annexe which began in 1990 is a night shelter for the street children.  The staff members of this centre regularly visit the streets contacting the children who live on the streets.  About seventy youngsters from the streets spend the night in the centre. Childline, the 24 hour helpline for children functions from this centre.

3. Bosco Bhavan

This is also a rehabilitation centre for street children between 14 to 16 years of age. At present, there are 41 inmates in this centre.  Among them there are street children and other young at risk.  They are either going to school for regular study or are attending open school in which they get educational and vocational training. The Don Bosco Open School, an accredited study centre of National Open School, Delhi also functions from this centre.

4. Valsalya Bhavan

It is a drop-in-centre for the girls who are on the street.  The centre was started as a part of Valsalya Project, a sexual health project for the street/working children.  At present, there are 23 inmates.  Out of the 23 girls, 20  are school going and three are undergoing vocational training.

5. Bosco Nilayam

In 1986, Bosco Nilayam was inaugurated for the working boys.  Those who have completed the high school or those of that age group who seek to find a job or pursue further academic studies or technical studies belong to this setting.  This center facilitates these young men to be responsible adults. At present, 38 inmates are in this centre.  After providing shelter to the youth who grew up through the project the rest of the place is made available for youth from the society.  This facility gives the youth of our project to interact with others from the regular society.



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