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Projects for Children

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We are concerned about all the vulnerable children - children subjected to labour, harassment, trafficking, drop out situations, infected / affected by HIV/ AIDS, street children, those from disadvantaged communities and broken families.

Skill Training

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Lack of/inaccessible opportunities have not allowed our youth to realize their potential to the optimum. We try to bridge this gap by providing employment driven skill training programmes for marginalized youth.

Community Development

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Being present with the people at the grass root level has allowed us to implement interventions from a locally relevant perspective. We strive to make these communities sustainable, specifically focusing on the most vulnerable groups – children and women.


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Child Rights Education and Action Movement was launched to establish child participation as the key facet of child development. CREAM wants to achieve a high level of child participation in child development, promote child rights and ensure child protection by establishing the appropriate structures and networks in the 10 districts chosen. The key objective is to introduce child rights education in the school curriculum of the State by demonstrating its effectiveness through the project.

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